To become a member of WSAC Ibex you have to meet certain requirements.

  • You must climb and belay safely. Therefore we ask of you to be in the possession of an Indoor Toprope certificate (This, you can achieve during the introduction period).
  • Furthermore you must be a student or PhD candidate.
  • You must have sport rights. This can be purchased through Sports Centre The Bongerd.
  • Payment of annual memberships fee of 25 euro.

When you have met those requirements, you can become a member. When you are a member you don't have any obligations. The choice is up to you how often you sport and if/which/how many activities you will join. But many of our members are active in committees to make all the courses, activities and the 'gezelligheid' possible.

Are you convinced that Ibex is the association for you? Then please fill in the subscription form linked on the homepage.

Aren't you convinced just yet and do you have some more questions? Send an e-mail to the board.